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Zechen Fitness is a factory manufacturing all kinds of CrossFit and fitness stuff such as Crossfit hand grips, Wooden Gymnastic rings, ABS Gymnastic rings, Weight lifting straps, weight lifting wrist wraps, Weight lifting belt, Lifting knee sleeves, CrossFit Jump Rope, Resistance Loop Bands, Magnesium Carbonate Chalk and etc. 


Zechen Fitness has a competely strict Quality Control System. We do 100% inspection for each step in the production process. 

  • Cutting (In this step, we do 100% quality checking for each single pcs, if any of the pcs is not ok, we have to cut again.)
  • Printing (We send printing drawing to our customer before we make the logo mould, once our custom confirms the printing drawing, we start to make mould. Before printing, we set printing location according to the confirmed printing drawing, and we have special people confirm the printing size and location, after all are confirmed, we start to print. Printing department also have Quality Check, they guarantee all printing quality be be 100% ok, if any defective pcs is found, it goes again from cutting. )
  • Debossing (Debossing is done based on printing, as soon as printing departmant passed the printing pcs, debossing department do quality check, if there is any defective pcs, they need to write application and request to cut again. Debossing logo is done according to printing drawing too, our Quality checking people check the first pcs, as soon as the first pcs is done, they will deboss the rest mass qualitites.)
  • Sewing (As soon as sewing department got the material from debossing department, they do quality check. after confirming everything is ok, they start to stitch the product. Stitching department will do stitching according to "Production PO", "Production PO" is a paper in Zechen Fitness system that lists all details of the order. Quality check people needs to check the first pcs of each order, as soon as the first pcs is confirmed, they start to stitch the rest in the order. )
  • Cleanning (Clearning products is on of the most important thing during production, we clean all the thread, and if any defective pcs is found in this step, it will returned back to stitching department.  )
  • Packing (Packing is the final step of the whole production, packing people do 100% quality check for each single pcs product. We also have Quality Check people do the final inspection after packing)

Zechen Fitness has young and powerful team, we totally understand that "QUALITY" is the most important thing in business. Our products are produced with US and European standard that have been exported to aboard since Year 2016. We have gotten very good international reputation and become very popular during the past years. We sincerely invite you to join us on the way of creating a glorious future.

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